Friday, January 13, 2012

Servants: Grayskins

So I just read Proxiehunter's post on Plague Doctor proxies (look at that alliteration). I've never encountered one, but it makes sense. Imagine how many runners are wounded and have to seek medical attention. How many times do you go to the hospital? How many times do you go to the pharmacy for drugs? How many aspirin have you taken today?

I'm not trying to make you paranoid. But then again: is it paranoia if they really are out to get you?

And I guess that brings me to the subject of tonight's post. As Proxiehunter showed me something I didn't know, I'll show you something he probably doesn't know about: Choir-proxies. Yeah, that's right.

The one's I've encountered I call Grayskins. That gray mold I talked about, which is either a byproduct of the Choir or the Choir itself? They have it covering their entire body. It grows on their skin - perhaps even in their lungs. I don't know if they chose that or if the Choir just forced itself upon them. But they look absolutely freaky.

The ones that try to blend in cover their entire bodies - sometimes you'll see a person wrapped completely in cloth or wearing a burqa. Now, don't attack them just because of that (because that's just being too paranoid), but if you see gray skin under their clothes, skin covered in mold, well, that's one of them.

Just like getting rid of the Choir mold, I recommend fire. Flamethrowers may be cumbersome, but they get the job done.


  1. Fire works on damn near anything.

    1. But it's hardly a convenient weapon. Maltove cocktails are bulky and flame throwers even more so. Either will get you arrested quickly and the Enemy has people on the inside, both inmates and guards.

      Hmm. Perhaps a bottle of Everclear and a road flare. Or a lighter that locks in the on position. Matches just lack the ability to reliably throw them from a safe distance while lit. Even then it's not subtle. A conflagration is possibly bigger cop bait than gunfire. Definitely a weapon of last resort.

    2. A can of hairspray and a lighter work wonders. So does a can of Axe.

    3. As long as you don't fuck up with the flame and blow up the can. Although if it's a desperate enough situation. , ,

    4. If it's a desperate enough situation, I'd say it might warrant doing so on purpose.

  2. I'd heard rumors of such things. And there was that incident with the young woman, Charity. However I had even less information than I do on those new servants of the Cold Boy who showed up recently.

  3. We've officially designated these people as the P07A00 series, but they're informally called "Carriers." I like "Grayskins" better though.