Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Us vs Them

I haven't posted in a while, I know. I'm still alive. I'm still here. I still have this information, but I'm no longer sure I can share it. Because...because I used to think it was Us vs. Them. We were on one side and They were on the other and anyone who worked for Them was automatically against Us.

But what if that's not true? What if I have been working for Them all these years without even realizing it? What if there is no Us, what if there is only Them?

My mind reeled with that thought. I didn't want to think it was true. But some part of me, deep down, said: what have you ever done? what have you ever accomplished? what lives have you saved?

Have I saved lives? Or have I simply saved myself at the expense of others? Is that not what They do?

And so I sit here with this information and wonder if I should release it. Is that protecting others or self preservation? If I think I know things, is that truth or arrogance?

Is anything I say even right?


  1. hi , good to see someone is still alive besides the alternate dimensions I usualy help out (not that I'm in your universe right now , but you get the gist) , anyway , I have a project I could use your help with , but , you can only get to it if you start vloging and perform a livestream , its how I connect dimensions , without flaws anyway , heres a slightly cut up version of the information I've been spreading , and if your worried about not actualy helping people , why not come on board , as a guy capable of travel to other universes , since I dont really have the funds to get to the places where a person is located in anouther verse , so , I can only auto correct people into other verses

    , just so you know , the fear verse , the universes your in , are pretty non linear , the fears life cycles actualy happen through specific univenses on specific dates , and just so you know , there all being born on youtube right now , and I'm giving them abortions as fast as I can , with the exception of glitch , because , well , I find him pretty cool , he aint as much of an ass as most of the fears seem to be , but just so you know , any timeline featuring these fears , that happens after the abortions , like yours , is going to wither and die , and slowley get absorbed into timelines where that particuler fear didnt exist , near as I can tell , the wooden girls abortion has already been successful , the smiling man seems to be on the fence , we'll know if that was successful if he shows up again , and the mother of snakes is going next

    1. Wait, the Wooden Girl got an abortion? I didn't even know Fears could get pregnant.

  2. I know this is months late, but please keep up the hard work. I appreciate it.