Thursday, October 13, 2011

Them 5: The Blind Man

I know I've been neglecting this blog, but I haven't heard from Finder in the past week and I'm beginning to get worried. Anyway, this may just get my mind off of that, so here goes:

Yes, okay, this is a super-crappy drawing, but shut up.

The Blind Man is...well, he looks like an old man who is blind. Not that scary, right? I mean, not if you compare with with the Slender Man or the Rake or even the Cold Boy. I mean, what's a blind guy going to do to you? Fuck all, right? Just knock his cane over and bam, you're good.

Except the Blind Man isn't actually blind. Behind his sunglasses (or blindfold - I've heard some people who have seen a blindfold or a visor or even a fedora that covered his eyes) is, well, nothing. No eyes. None at all. Some witness say that it's just blank skin, while others say that there are these two holes, not eyes but pits, blacker than night.

And if these people remember seeing the Blind Man that's because Blindy doesn't really give a fuck about them. He can change your memory in a blink of an eye (your eye, not his, obviously). He can take away your childhood, he can fuck with everything you know or might know, he can make you forget your own name if he wanted to. If you try to attack him, you will find that suddenly you've forgotten how to walk, how to talk, how to fucking breath. Let me repeat this clearly: you do not want to fuck with this guy.

So, yeah. He also carries this book around with him. Some people say that there are names within of the people whose childhoods he's taken, but I don't think anyone's ever read it. Or if they have, the Blind Man just made them forget about it.

Blindy also has this cult around him called the Archive. They are weird little fuckers and they like to accumulate knowledge. Still, they are not as bad as the Blind Man is.

Yeah, this didn't work. I'm still worried about Finder.

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