Monday, September 26, 2011

Finder: Sorry

Sorry for not updating this past week on my progress. I sort of came down with a cold and then had a bout of paranoia where I thought the Plague Doctor was killing me. But no, just an ordinary cold.

Man, I'm an adrenaline junkie, but sometimes I wonder. These things I try to find can kill with a glance, can rip you apart with ease, can dig inside your head and eat your memories like candies. I try to act fine; I like my job. I like traveling places I've never been. I've gotten use to the smell of motels and the continental breakfasts and long drives, but sometimes. Sometimes I just have to sit down and stop.

Sorry. I still have a bit of the cold. I didn't get much work done because of it and because of my onset of paranoia, but now that's passed, I'll start tracking the movements of the victims. I'm going to see if they intersected anywhere and if they did...well, that's probably where they met the Plague Doctor.


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