Monday, September 12, 2011

Them 2: The Cold Boy

Next on the schedule, the Cold Boy. (I'm not doing these in alphabetical order, but rather in my own order which is "what I feel like writing about.")

Don't let this little moppet fool you.

The Cold Boy appears, as his name suggests, as a little boy, aged around seven to twelve years old. One person said he was around six, but he never seems to appear any younger than that or any older than twelve. No reason is given why.

Once you look past his little boy facade, however, you will begin to notice certain...irregularities. First, his face will often appeared blurred like a bad photograph. His skin, you'll notice, is actually ice and it makes a strange sound when he moves. Different people have reported the fact that he sometimes appears to have cracks in his hands or even his face.

Like the Slender Man, the Cold Boy likes to stalk his prey. Unlike ol' Slendy, TCB's targets tend to have one thing in common: they are often cut off from others or appear afraid of being cut off from others. When stalking his victims, he will sing to them nursery rhymes. Some have reported that listening to the nursery rhymes makes one sleepy or disoriented and others have seen victims follow TCB willingly after listening sometimes. What he does with these victims is unknown.

I received a report a little while ago that claimed the Cold Boy was much larger than anyone could guess. It said that he was "like an iceberg," with his true size and shape actually "underneath the waters of reality." The rest of the report was gibberish and there's no evidence that what it said is true.

I have seen him twice. Twice I have seen his touch freeze a person, their skin shattering like glass. I try to maintain a wide network of people to provide me with information; this is the only reason I believe he hasn't targeted me. I am not cut off. And I never want to be.

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