Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Them 15: EAT

So. I haven't really addressed this one. Don't know why. Guess I should. So here's EAT.

Yeah, it's a crappy picture made in paint. Get over it.

EAT is...what the fuck is EAT? I can't seem to really get a straight answer out of any of my contacts. They can't even agree on what the fuck EAT stands for. They all say that it's an acronym, but an acronym of what?  One said it's the "Epping AquaTarkus" (whatever the fuck that means), another says that it's "Evolution's Angry Twin" (oh, that sounds scary) and yet another says that it's the "Eternal Answer Tree" (at least that sounds imposing).

Meanwhile, I have a bunch of people who say that the real threat isn't EAT, but what EAT creates: the Camper.

Not people who go camping, no. The Camper are a group of hive-minded (I think) people who seek to spread the infection that is EAT. Drink a drop of EAT and you become obsessed. With that? I have no fucking clue. Whatever you want. Playing video games. Sleeping. Whatever.

And then, apparently, the obsession drives you to go to a nearby pond or fountain or place where EAT is. Where it's Ink is. (Why is it called ink? No clue. Again: I have no clue about anything.) And then it...does something to you and you become a Camper.

I've got people who say Camper are harmless. They just repeat what you say. And then there are others who say that this is just an "early stage" Camper (again: whatever that means) and that "stage ten" Camper are much, much worse. Not that anyone will tell me how. When I asked, they muttered something about "five arms" or something.

I guess the reason I have been putting off writing about EAT is because I really know nothing about it. Everything here? Could be totally and completely wrong. I've never encountered EAT (or if I have, I don't know it). All this information is second and third-hand. A friend of a friend of a friend.

So I guess what I'm saying it: draw your own conclusions.


  1. I'm glad I found this blog - I'm in the process of compiling resources on these motherfuckers.

    Good job spreading the word, and I hope nothing's happened to you.

  2. Hey, it's been a few months... I just read all the entries. I'm working on compiling data about Them, too, though I'm a lot more skeptical about it. Sometimes I wonder...

    I will say, from my research, you're somewhat right about EAT and Camper. EAT does stand for Eppung AquaTarkus, originated from a blog called Jordan Eats Normally Now. A better name for EAT would be Ichor. It spreads through water, generally from ingestion, and the liquid spread of infection is called Ink, because it sometimes has a VERY slight blue tint to it. Camper infection goes through stages, though I haven't discovered what the different stages are called and their descriptions. It does start with obsession, generally of something nondescript that nobody would ever obsess over. Then, as the obsession grows, the victim stops eating, even breathing. They're thought to be dead. And then... they're not dead. It's like they're vegetables, eyes unmoving, unblinking, staring forward. Depending on the speed of the infection, the victim's eyes will start to move, then they'll start repeating random words and phrases they hear. They start moving again, speaking again, functioning like normal. Look in their eyes; They Are Not Normal. Their eyes are dead, glassy, blank. There's no sign of intelligence, of life behind those eyes. The victim will start behaving oddly, un-normal. This progresses until either the victim disappears into the infected water source or they spread the infection. Either way, it will spread, and they will help.

    Please keep this blog going.

    Your drawings are cute. :3